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Limited classes currently running due to COVID-19 -- Reopening soon!

Want to make new friends? Need to find a hobby? Looking to learn a new skill? We offer a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels! 

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How To Register

No open registrations at this time.

Once classes begin again you will see a list of our current classes below! If you would like to register for a class click the name of the class to take you directly to registration or simply click here!

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Parking Lot Workouts

Getting In Shape with Instructor Terri Edick

Midway Early Learning Center (parking lot/under the pine trees)

4552 Spahr Ave., Holt, MI 48842

Stability Ball Classes - Mondays


Bring your own ball and a blanket/towel/mat.

Getting In Shape Class - Mondays


This will be a mixed impact class with a variety of intensities that include strength, endurance, agility, and balance training to keep your heart pumping and give you a great full body workout. All aspects can be adapted to accommodate those who need to stay seated or have a lower impact workout. 

Bring a lawn chair and your own weights, each participant will pick a parking spot and complete their workout within the lines to help keep a safe social distance. Masks will be required before and after your workout if you come within 6 feet of others.


Donations will be accepted and provided to Holt Public Schools. 

Walk the Schools

As the weather turns we know that many people typically utilize our walk the schools times to walk indoors. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the district's current safety restrictions we are unable to allow the public access to the schools at this time. If this changes and we can begin offering this to the community in the future we will let you know! 

We apologize for the inconvience, stay safe! 

Want to become an instructor?

We are always looking for new instructors and classes to share new experiences, classes, hobbies, and education opportunities for our community. If you are interested contact us and we can help the community grow together.

Contact us to join the community education family!