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Welcome to the 2020-21 Kid's Club! Please take a look at our new guidelines, as things are running slightly different this year!

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What does (K-6) child care look like for the

2020-2021 school year?

In a time when schooling has turned to an all online platform, child care continues to help serve the needs of our community. However, what does child care look like now at Holt Public Schools?


Our registration process is done all online. You will be able to register at the link provided (further down the page, once registration is open). However, you will not be guaranteed care until you receive a confirmation email.

**An up to date copy of immunizations will be required to be uploaded to complete registration.

Selecting days for care

You will be required to commit to the same days each week for the entirety of the year (2 day minimum). We unfortunately will not be able to offer flexible monthly schedules as we have for previous years, due to our need to help maintain small group sizes. You will be able to request to change these days twice throughout the year (your work hours change, etc). But we will require at least a two weeks notice, and the schedules will then only be adjusted if room permits.

Adding additional days: if you need an additional day added, please contact our office to see if there is availability. An add on fee will be applied, $5.00 per day.


Full Day rate: $38.00 per child

Full Week rate: $175 per child

*Holiday weeks or other weeks that we are not open 5 days, you will be charged the full day rate for your selected days that we are open.


  • The billing for the upcoming month will be issued to your account by the last Friday of the previous month. You are able to pay for the month in full, but at the very least we will require weekly payments. 

  • Paying Weekly: Each week of child care must be paid for in full by the Wednesday of the previous week. If payment is not made by Wednesday, a late payment fee of $5.00 will be charged Thursday morning.

  • If you sign up for auto pay you will be charged for the month’s care in full on the last business day of the month. If we are unable to run auto pay on your account a $20.00 fee will be added for the month. 

  • Click here for direction on how to sign up for auto pay.

Online Learning & Child Care

We understand that remote learning can be a challenge for our students of working parents and normally children cannot bring computer devices to care.  However to try and help our students succeed we have adjusted that policy to allow a child to bring a laptop to school for the sole purpose of online learning.  While your child can bring a device with them, the Holt Child Care Program will not be held responsible for children doing their work or for the devices brought to care.  With students having different school teachers, schedules and grades this provides a very difficult challenge to attempt to help every child with online learning.  Our programs will have periods throughout the day, based on the child care daily schedule,  when children can choose to do school work.  We recommend parents practice with their child on how to log in to his/her Google Classroom.   

Mask Protocol

Parents are required to send their student to care with a mask. Students will be asked to wear a mask while in care when they are in close proximity to other children. For example, playing a board game together, etc... Children will not need to wear a mask when they are social distanced, outside playing, or eating.

Class Sizes

While we are able to maintain a 1 adult to 18 student ratio as we do every year, your child will be split into smaller groups of 9. These smaller groups will be cared for and supervised by a consistent group of adults. This way the children can continue to partake in many activities while remaining within a smaller class size.

Sick Policy

Please reference our handbook for sick policy guidelines.

What if I don't need care right now?

Due to the current guidelines we will only offer child care to limited class sizes based on availability to those who will utilize care right away. If your situation changes (you are no longer working at home, your work days change, etc.), please contact us and we can check availability.

If we return to face to face learning later in the year we will reevaluate child care at that point. Registration would open back up if space permits, but cannot be guaranteed. 


We are only opening a few schools to utilize for child care purposes as of right now. This means that your child may be attending care at a different building than they would attend for school. These decisions have been made based off of staffing and the services that are available at each site (computer labs, play ground equipment, etc).

You will be notified of your child's child care location following registration.

Documents and Plans

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Our New Child Care System -
School Care Works

We will no longer be using Skyward as previous years, we are excited to announce we will now use School Care Works.

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Phone App: InSiteConnect

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